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-d) Conditions of Hiring - - General Information


    Your reservation becomes final with reception of a cheque 30 % of the amount

    hiring by way of installment and will be confirmed to you by return of the mail;

    The balance of the rent is exigible 4 weeks at the latest before your departure.

    Dice reception of the payment of the balance, a good of stay will be
    sent to you.

    This good will have to be presented at the person who, on the spot,
    occupies herself of  the apartment and will give you the keys.


    A guarantee of 250 € will be required with your arrival.
    It will be restored to you at the end of the stay after
    checking of the state of the apartment who will have to be
    returned cleaned and after possible reserve for failures,
    breaking or degradations.
    The tenant will have to indicate, within 24 maximum hour
    following his arrival, with the person having given to him them, key,
    any failure with the inventory or degradation.


    (occupation the 1st day from 12 noon, departure the last day before 10h)

    Additional expenses:

    - toilet and Cloths and table linen to be carried or rent at the station.
    - Visitor's tax perceived on behalf of the commune: 1,10 € per day and anybody,
    - exemption from payment for the children of less than 13 years   

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Hello and welcome on our Internet site.

The valley of Méribel is made up mainly of 4 spaces :                                                                                         

- Les Allues (1100m)
- Méribel village (1400m)
- Méribel (1460 - 1700m)
- Méribel-Mottaret (1700 - 1800m)

We present our hiring to you which is at the level of the district of Laitelet at Méribel - Mottaret. (1700 - 1800m) in the châlet of the
White Lake.

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