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-d) Conditions of Hiring - - Specific Information


    Cancellation: In the event of cancellation, less than 30 days before
your departure of the expenses

   50% of the total amount of the rent between 30 and 20 days.
    75% of the total amount of the rent between 20 and 10 days.
    100% of the amount of the rent to less than 10 days.

    Any cancellation will have to be made by mail recommended.

    Animals : nonallowed (no dog, no cat, no bird)

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Hello and welcome on our Internet site.

The valley of Méribel is made up mainly of 4 spaces :                                                                                         

- Les Allues (1100m)
- Méribel village (1400m)
- Méribel (1460 - 1700m)
- Méribel-Mottaret (1700 - 1800m)

We present our hiring to you which is at the level of the district of Laitelet at Méribel - Mottaret. (1700 - 1800m) in the châlet of the
White Lake.

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